Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moving on

On to lighter themes. Back to trying new styles and chipping away at the ever challenging publishing biz. Am known to be able to morph styles to fit the publisher's needs. To the right was a piece done as a sample for publisher. Art director had wrong info on project, making my piece another sample to pile on the portfolio heep. He's a sweetiey though, and it was fun to do. Keeps me from being bored. Would prefer a project from them though....after a lonnng time waiting. Am starting a project on monday, that could prove to be something cool. Or not. It's on the hush hush. May do some t-shirt designs as well, while continuing my rep duties. Here is an illustration of Alice in Wonderland, done in my newly reborn pastel style. AD likes it, need to do more in this vein. God knows my pastel skills have advanced after the "trial"....oh, there is goes, popping into my head again.

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