Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things are looking up and things are WARMING UP! Parting ways with old passe´endeavours is always hard to do, but I find once the old crutch is gone, new and exciting things are waiting in the wings. Hard to talk about here, being that my business is hush hush till published. Let's just say I have gone beyond what I once was. Karma is a real thing. And being that I have tried to live my life as an artist, true to myself and honest with all other artists....I think there is a pay-back. The universe appreciates artists treating artists right. And we are all artist's oui? Those that don't, well......karma will haunt you. Don't have the time to ramble on today, summer is here, been working out ( sore as heck!) and I am ready to rock n' roll. Have a safe and fun summer all you artists and of course you normal people out there;) . Planning to beach and boat the summer away, and of course do lots of artwork!! Here is a mermaid piece that is appropriate for the season and a children's book piece that is creating a buzz ( tee hee). Enjoy!